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Shanghai Changyi Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Zhou
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Address: No.609, Tahui Road, Shihudang Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai

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Shanghai Changyi Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, development, and production of spinnerets, various filter elements, special fiber gear pumps, and high-precision end plunger metering pumps. The company maximizes the use of advanced Machining equipment can accept all kinds of mechanical parts, drawings and samples for customization.

The company can produce more than 40 million micro-holes in the production of spinnerets every year, and now it is a large-scale manufacturer of wet-process spherical acrylic spinnerets in China. After more than ten years of continuous improvement and optimization of processing technology, the quality of products continues to improve. The 0.8Dtex superfine fiber spinnerets developed and produced by the company are well received by petrochemical users. At present, the 6.6Dtex flat spinneret developed by the company with new technology has doubled the number of holes in a single spinneret compared to foreign countries; adopts new surface treatment technology during the processing to the spinnability, of the spinneret.  Thereby the quality of the tow has also been greatly improved, and the aspect ratio of spinning can reach 1:8, which greatly meets the requirements of customers. The 0.6Dtex ultra-fine denier spinneret adopts new technology to increase the number of holes to 65,000 holes, which greatly shortens the production cycle while increasing the output, reducing the cost of development and manufacturing, and improving economic benefits.

Through our efforts, our company has unique technology for the design and manufacture of special fiber gear pumps and plunger pumps, and has been greatly recognized by customers in this field, and the precision is comparable to the international leading level.

The purpose of our company is to "inherit the spirit of ingenuity, and create an absolute Made in China with the best design scheme, the most professional machinery and equipment, and strict quality management."