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Technical requirements for gear pumps

Date:2020/7/12 Reading:1603

The gear pump sealing device should adopt mechanical seal, and its leakage should not exceed 10ml/hr.

Under normal operating conditions, the pump's mechanical seal life is guaranteed for more than one year.

The material selected during manufacturing should prevent cavitation or abrasion damage.

The inlet and outlet ends of the product should be equipped with flanges, counter flanges and their accessories.

Gear pumps and motors should be equipped with anti-wear bearings, and should be able to guarantee a life of at least 50,000 hours under design conditions. The maximum surface temperature of the rolling bearing body shall not exceed 80°C, and the temperature rise shall not exceed 35°C.

Should be equipped with a safety valve. The total return pressure of the safety valve is 1.25 times the rated pressure, and the return flow should be guaranteed to be more than 40% of the rated flow.

Gear pumps should use flexible shafts to facilitate pump disassembly and coupling protection devices should also be provided.

The components of the gear pump/motor should have a plate, as well as suitable level and centering equipment.

The noise at 1 meter of the equipment cannot exceed 85dBA.

In order to facilitate maintenance, the oil supply pump should be designed to facilitate the removal of the screw, shaft and bearing. To facilitate installation and/or maintenance, the pump should have lifting holes, rings, etc.

The gear pump bearing cooling should be air-cooled, and the bidder will not provide additional cooling water.

When two oil supply pumps are operating in parallel, the bidder shall check the characteristic curve of each oil pump to ensure that the load distribution deviation when the oil pump is reduced from the normal operating flow to the minimum flow is within 5%. And all of them can operate in parallel and unload normally.

Gear pumps and their auxiliary equipment should have good controllable performance, reasonable operation and operation methods, on-site start-stop, debugging, and inspection, control, adjustment, and protection necessary in case of accidents to ensure the equipment’s performance Safe and economical operation.

The inlet and outlet ends of the gear pump should be equipped with flanges.

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