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What are the differences in the performance comparison of gear pumps, vane pumps, plunger pumps, and screw pumps?

Date:2020/7/12 Reading:5428

Hydraulic pumps are divided into gear pumps, plunger pumps, vane pumps, and screw pumps. Each type of pump has different performances and is used in different machinery or industrial equipment.

1. Gear pump

Pressure range: 2.5~28MPa; displacement range: 0.3~650ml*r; flow pulsation: large; higher speed: very high; volumetric efficiency: 0.7%~0.9%; total efficiency: 0.6%~0.8%; self-priming performance : Excellent; Noise: Larger; Price: Lowest; Anti-pollution Ability: Excellent; Often used in construction machinery.

2. vane pump

Pressure range: 6.3~21MPa; displacement range: 0.5~480ml*r; flow pulsation: very small; higher speed: lower; volumetric efficiency: 0.8%~0.95%; self-priming performance: excellent; general; noise: very Small; price: medium to low; anti-pollution ability: medium; often used in occasions requiring relatively low noise.

Plunger pump

3. plunger pump

Pressure range: 4.0~70MPa; displacement range: 0.2~560ml*r; flow pulsation: large; higher speed: medium; volumetric efficiency: 0.85%~0.9%; self-priming performance: poor; noise: maximum; price: expensive ; Anti-pollution ability: poor; used in low-noise occasions, good anti-pollution performance.


Screw pump

4. screw pump

Pressure range: 2.5~10MPa; displacement range: 25~1500ml*r; flow pulsation: minimum; higher speed: highest; volumetric efficiency: 0.8%~0.9%; self-priming performance: best; noise: smallest; price: Expensive; anti-pollution ability: poor; maximum flow and power, mostly used in high-power applications

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